Corner reinforcements for PVC doors

NoProduct nameQuantity
9000010 40x40x2 x set
9000011 41x36x2 x set
9000012 45x45x2 x set
9000013 50x40x2 x set
9000014 50x45x2 x set
9000015 55x40/41x2/2,5 x set
9000016 58x42x2 x set
9000017 58x43x2 x set
9000018 60x40x2 x set
9000019 60x40x3 x set
9000020 60x46x2 x set
9000021 65x45x2 x set
9000022 65x45x3 x set

NoProduct nameQuantity
9000001 mounting tool with adjustment plate x piece
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