Glass Packers

Glass packers are used for glazing wood, PVC and aluminium windows. Their task is to properly wedge the glass in the window frame. We offer packers in different widths, which will allow to properly glaze both single windows as well as very wide insulating glass units.

Our packers from 10 to 60 mm wide and 100 mm long. Widths are marked on the packers.

Packers manufactured by us are made of polypropylene in different colours. Different colours denote different thicknesses of packers.

Glass bridges

Glass bridges are used to align the drainage holes in PVC window systems.

They have longitudinal ribs to ensure a free flow of water under their surface. They also have special latches that permanently mount them in the window profile. Most of our bridges have side limiters to prevent spacers from sliding out, thus reducing the need for using silicone while glazing. They are made of polypropylene or polystyrene.

glass bridge Salamander - AWAX       Glass bridge Trocal - AWAX

Drain hole covers

Drain hole covers (weep hole covers, drainage caps) are used for masking the drain hole in PVC and aluminium windows, improving their look. We make eight kinds of covers, differing in both shape and material they are made of: Radius, Radius II, Boomerang, Rectangle, Oval, Ø10mm, Milano and Aluminium.

They are made of plastic modified with special additives that protect the element from weather and UV radiation. We produce covers in several colours to match the colours of window veneers. There is also a possibility to make covers in different colours on request.

Our offer also includes covers for mounting holes in sizes Ø8, Ø10, Ø13 and Ø15 dowel covers.

drain hole covers - AWAX       Drain hole covers - AWAX

Mounting covers

Mounting covers are used to mask the holes created during installation of PVC and aluminium windows, whilst improving their look.

We have sizes Ø6 mm, Ø8 mm, Ø10 mm, Ø13 mm. Every size is avaliable in many color options which makes the cover match with window frame seamlessly.

Our Dowel covers are Ø15 mm and they are used to mask the head of the dowel during the installation of windows.

Dowel cover - AWAX       mounting cover - AWAX



Mullion covers

Floating mullion cover is a decorative end piece of the mullion. In addition, it plays an important protective role against the inflow of water into the mullion.

Covers produced by us are made from resistant to UV rays ASA plastic. We offer one- and two-colour covers.

Mullion covers - AWAX


Runners help guide the sash to the correct position in the frame. They also keep it in the correct position, preventing it from falling out. They are used mainly in windows with heavy sashes.

Runners made by us are made of durable plastic, which ensures the optimum slip, and are abrasion resistant. We offer two types of runners - attached to the frame and bolted to the sash.

Aluplast Rehau runner - AWAXDeceuninck runner - AWAXKbe Kommerling runner - AWAXVeka II runner - AWAX

Corner reinforcements for PVC doors

Corner reinforcements are used with PVC profiles. Their use greatly increases the strength of the welds.

Our reinforcements are made of PVC. It is the most suitable material from which they should be produced, because other materials do not guarantee a permanent connection of welded corners. The design of the reinforcement allows for its quick and precise positioning. We also offer a special mounting key.

Corner reinforcement PVCmounting key - AWAX

Glazing shovels

Glazing shovels (glazing paddles) facilitate wedging the insulating glass unit with glass packers. They are used for toe & heeling windows and doors as well as leveling and lifting woodwork and furniture. The tool prevents glass from damaging while glazing and lifting. 

Shovels produced by us are made of plastic or wood. Thanks to the use of specially modified, durable plastic, our blades are very solid. At the same time their refined ergonomic shape and easy to handle grip making the shovel very practical and easy to use.

Glazing shovels AWAX          Glazing shovel AWAX

Mounting elements

Necessary articles for assemblers of construction joinery and more. 

Three types of mounting wedges, mounting pads with a hole and special heavy-duty plastic spacers under heavy load. The wedges thanks to their non-slip surface can be combined together.

plastic wedges, different sizes - AWAX           plastic mounting pad - AWAX

Spacing elements

Spacing elements for the skirting boards are used for correcting/eliminating uneven surfaces of walls. During the assembly – in order to obtain the required distance from the board to the wall, the spacing elements are mounted on a fastening screw.

Spacers can be used in every thickness combination, and their specific shape makes the proper application considerably easier. They are reusable, made of solid plastic. Each size has a different colour which makes them easy to distinguish.

blue frame packer U shape - AWAXred frame packer U shape - AWAXyellow frame packer U shape - AWAX

Other elements

Articles for transporting windows: carrying straps for PCV and wooden windows in different lenghts, plastic corners for strapping and window hardware locks. 

We also offer articles such as mullion connectors, frame connectors and glass packers for scandinavian windows.